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Himalayan Babaji Retreats

Himalayan Babaji Retreats is a family-run collaboration between 18Siddha YogiRaj and Kshaktriyayogi Shakti. They were inspired to create retreat programs in order to give accessibility to others to experience the glimpses of joy that come with the awareness of one’s inner engineering. They believe that the world is part of one family, significant to the truth ‘Humanity is the only religion, Breath is our unity and Consciousness is our God’, therefore everyone from everywhere is welcomed to join and feel the oneness of love. Their intention is to create a space where everyone is able to live peacefully together, celebrating themselves in the unanimity of Nature and tend to the deeper connections within.

Himalayan Babaji Retreats was founded in 2017 and was flourishing with many visitors from all over the world. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, retreats were not able to continue, forcing us to shut down for a while. However, after some rest and more inner reflections, Himalayan Babaji Retreats has re-opened and is welcoming everyone for bookings in 2023!

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Our Awesome Team

18Siddha YogiRaj comes from the lineage of Thanjavur temple-karuvurar siddhar (one of the 18Siddhas) of South India. He started moving on his inner journey at the age of 11 years old where he learned and experienced the most traditional way of tavams and took blessings from the lineage of 18Siddhas from South India. At 16 years old, he moved to the Himalayas where he spent 8 years living in isolation, practicing for self-attainments (Siddhis). He holds a Master degree in Yogic Science from Haridwar University, India. His way of teaching is more focused towards reprograming the mind (conditioning) through meditation, philosophical lectures and spiritual counseling. Students have life changing experiences after meeting him due to the vast amount of spiritual knowledge and awareness he holds, which he is able to transform to others. Anyone who meets him is able to feel high vibrations of love and positivity.
Kshaktriyayogi Shakti started his journey towards the true knowledge of wisdom at the age of eleven. He started his yogic journey by introducing himself in thathuva dhyanam and Yogam. He has fully accomplished himself in different styles of Yogasanam, traditional Dravidian martial arts and Kshaktriyayoga. He began sharing his knowledge in an altruistic way as he believes that by aquiring this knowledge, he will succesfully be able to better the society. He is extremely disciplined in his personal life as well as in his teachings and loves to give highly detailed explanations and instructions to his students. Students leave his classroom gaining new and clear insight on the ancient knowledge of wisdom. He has completed his 500HR Yoga Teacher Training and is currently pursuing a Bachelor in Arts and Yogic Science.